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"Here's the deal . . . if you are interested AT ALL in long distance thru-hiking, get this film.  It really gives a good sense of what it's like to do it, especially with a group of relative nut jobs.  I enjoyed Jester's previous film "Wizards of the PCT," but feel he's stepped it up a notch with some tighter editing (especially his use of overwriting edits -- look it up, it's cool). Great scenery to boot! . . .The HD footage rocks . . . and Jester, as in his last film, is an excellent on-camera host, as it were, of the proceedings. That is, when he's not falling down. BUY IT!"


"Gives you a great feel for the day in and day out life of the thru hike. Snakes, geysers, cow patties, pizza, lots of pizza, zombies, and water you'll never want to drink but will . . . Excellent soundtrack as well!"  -- MICK MCBRIDE

“Embrace the Brutality is the new documentary by Shane "Jester" O'Donnell about the Continental Divide Trail (CDT).  More raw, rugged, and remote than the better known Appalachian and Pacific Crest Trails, the CDT is a challenge for any backpacker.  Jester's CDT documentary wonderfully shows the challenges of the trail, but also the beauty, the joy, and the camaraderie found on a journey of the CDT.  After seeing “Embrace The Brutality,” the Divide just may be calling you!”

-- PAUL "MAGS"MAGNANTI, avid hiker, host of THE TRAIL SHOW PODCAST and blogger at PMAGS.COM

"The Continental Divide National Scenic Trail is one of the last great adventures left where you may walk in the footsteps of history, connect to nature in some of the most sublime picturesque landscapes on our planet, and do this while experiencing your own right of passage.  For every person who steps foot on the CDNST, that right of passage is part of the adventure: part self discovery, part religious experience, and part full-on physical -- its a test of who you are, and the reward is discovering who you become.  “Embrace the Brutality” takes us through that experience for a merry band of friends and hikers, and through their lens, we see and discover the highs, the lows, and the plain old just good that one experiences when undertaking a journey like this.  Its a journey that demands staying open to what ever comes, being willing to stay open to the adventure . . . and ultimately to embrace that which comes your way when you're on this last great of true American adventures . . . to those who watch this film, know that the Trail is calling . . . will you answer?"


"'Embrace the Brutality' was even better than 'Wizards of the PCT!' You have found your niche, Jester. Each one keeps getting better.  “Embrace the Brutality” has also been a big hit with the hikers. Thanks for all the work it takes to complete your productions."

-- ANDREA DINSMORE, Dinsmore's Hiker Haven

"For you skeptics out there: This isn’t some boring slideshow or that Facebook album of 300+ photos of the same damn thing that you dread popping up in your feed.  This is a fantastic, beautiful, and inspiring CDT documentary.  I mean, did you know that there was a trail that goes from New Mexico to Canada? Did you know that there’s microbes in some hot springs that can eat your brain?!?  Learn that and more from Embrace the Brutality!" -- KAM from Campfire Chic 

"The dirt was very realistic and the zombie makeup was 'okay.' Makes you want to take a shower in a good way. Excellent countryside and plains footage. Soundtrack is fantastic." -- KRISTEN KELLEY





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