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"Wizards of the PCT" (PCT Documentary), "Embrace The Brutality" (CDT Documentary) and "Thru Story" (AT Documentary) follow the adventures of Team Bad Wizard, a not-very-organized group of long distance hikers, as they attempt to thru-hike Scenic Trails.  Foot issues and getting lost aside, they have some amazing adventures that seem to involve way more dancing than you would expect from this sort of thing.

Shane "Jester" O'Donnell is a Triple Crown Hiker who likes the word "pants."  A lot.  He also likes cheese, movies, and, apparently, writing about himself in the third person.  Combining all of these interests, he hiked the PCT, CDT, and AT -- where he wore pants, ate cheese, and shot movies.  And the last interest had to wait 'til now -- but man, was it worth the wait!

The Pacific Crest Trail stretches from Mexico to Canada, covering over 2,600 miles as it traverses California, Oregon, and Washington.  It usually takes about five months to "thru-hike," completing the entire trail in one hiking season.

The Continental Divide Trail is a National Scenic Trail that runs from Mexico to Canada.  It winds through New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana.  Mileages vary depending on the route taken -- which can be affected by fires, weather, and trail closures.




The Appalachian Trail passes through 14 States as it makes its way from Georgia to Maine -- a trip of over 2100 miles.  Along the way, thru hikers deal with rain, blisters, hunger, and hopefully not bears in a trip that usually takes 4-6 months.

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